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The Columbia River and Me
Welcome to my website about the Columbia River. This river fascinates and intrigues me. From the first people whose lives were woven into her fabric, through the frenzy of harnessing her waters, and now looking into the future, the Columbia River will prevail. What is our relationship with her and how will that change as we go forward into a new day?

Why do I care? Some things cannot be explained. I suppose you could say I was bit by some kind of Columbia River bug brought on by a series of serendipitous encounters (see Blog -archives-September)  and reading great books by others so inflicted (see Recommended Books).

I invite you to join me on my journey through these pages and if you have your own stories about the Columbia River, I’d like to hear from you. She continues to inspire us all as she keeps rolling on…..

No Dumping Along the Columbia River

The Columbia River spoke, or rather she reached out to grab my attention as if to say, “Look at me!” Enchanted by the surreal play of light in that confluence between sky, land and water I just had to capture the moment as we drove south along her shore near Lincoln Rock. “Stop the car!” I implored of my husband, who gladly complied at the next turn out just so I would shut up.   Springing out of the car, camera in hand, I raced to a viewpoint above the shoreline to catch the Columbia before the light changed. Branches in my way, I hopped up on a rock to get a better view. Immediately bucked off by my tippy ‘foot stool’ I landed flat on my back. It was at that very moment that I noticed what I had been blind to in my photographic frenzy-trash. Stunned as I lay there, I turned my head to notice an empty Coke bottle to my right and something beyond recognition to my left. I was grateful for the hand up offered by my husband. Quickly collecting myself, I filed away my lessons learned, and completed my photographic mission in a safer location. Reflecting on the Columbia River in all her glory I thought of her perseverance. With stoic love or perhaps pity she looks down upon us mere mortals and our history of altering her to best fit our needs, knowing that she will be here long after we all are Continue Reading →

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