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The Columbia River and Me
Welcome to my website about the Columbia River. This river fascinates and intrigues me. From the first people whose lives were woven into her fabric, through the frenzy of harnessing her waters, and now looking into the future, the Columbia River will prevail. What is our relationship with her and how will that change as we go forward into a new day?

Why do I care? Some things cannot be explained. I suppose you could say I was bit by some kind of Columbia River bug brought on by a series of serendipitous encounters (see Blog -archives-September)  and reading great books by others so inflicted (see Recommended Books).

I invite you to join me on my journey through these pages and if you have your own stories about the Columbia River, I’d like to hear from you. She continues to inspire us all as she keeps rolling on…..

A Thanksgiving Day Welcome

Knock, knock, is anybody home??? Thanksgiving Day on the Icicle River just below the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery I discovered a few hundred Fall Coho Salmon knocking at the ‘door’ with little to be thankful for. My heart was breaking to see these guys (and gals) with might and determination jumping at the metal bars to no avail. And this was the kind of welcome home they received on Thanksgiving Day? They had survived all the dangers of their long journey down the Columbia River. After a few years in the Pacific Ocean (danger at every turn mind you) they once again faced adversity that none of us mortal humans can imagine swimming 600 or so miles back to their home at the hatchery to spawn. And on this particular day, their long journey ended against this metal gate. Like inmates in a prison cell they were trapped. I considered dialing 911 like we are all taught to do in the case of an emergency, but instead I decided to investigate the situation the next day when hopefully there would be some kind of salmon expert who could explain the situation to me (after I gave them a ‘piece of my mind’ of course).  I did, in fact, find such an expert who explained to me that they had not expect any salmon to be spawning this late in the Fall. I was somewhat relieved to learn that most of the fish who had become ‘trapped’ were sorted out and released Continue Reading →

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